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When you are in love

When you are in love...

The whole world stands still.

You see the universe in her eyes.

You long to be with her when apart.

It feels like an ever present aching.

Just like a string connecting you two.

Time and space are nonexistent.

Near or far, it matters not.

You would do anything for her.

You want her happiness, even if that means it's not with you.

But oh how you want it to be with you.

No one else compares to her.

You can't imagine a future without her in it.

You don't even want to think about that.

Much of your mind is occupied with thoughts of her.

She is the object of your affection.

But not an object, she is your devotion.

You know she isn't perfect, yet you still think she is perfect.

You love the quirky things about her.

The way she smells, her softness, her voice, her laugh, the way she feels.

Everything about her is burned in your memory, imprinted on your heart, infused in your soul, always on your mind.

You write sonnets of love about her, for her.

Wondering if she feels the same, deeply, sweetly, romantically, passionately.

Someday, you will pour out your heart, vulnerable, bared.

Not until the timing is right.

The dreams, hopes and wishes, fairy tale love, ever after.

Soulmates, the future waits.

Time will tell, when it is told.

...when you are in love.

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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