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The Ripple Effect

Just like the ripples in the water everything we do has an impact on everything around us... the people we live with on this planet, our family, children, parents, friends, animals, our pets, and the environment.

To be mindful of this is something I try to do by taking time to think about how my actions and what I say effects the world around me. We can make a difference, one by one, no matter how small it seems because in the big picture it all counts.

Prayers simply are not enough although they are valuable and needed. Every altruistic good deed, every charitable act of kindness, every penny donated, and each kind word brings good karma and positive energy into existence. Show kindness and gratitude. Complain less and smile more. Smile at strangers. Practice the pause before speaking.

Let your heart open your wallet and generously give what you can afford. Pay it forward. Buy a stranger a meal. Volunteer at your local animal shelter, food bank or soup kitchen. Help with a fundraiser. Give the homeless person in rags a few dollars.

Think about what you are eating, drinking and disposing in the trash. Avoid being wasteful and accumulating things you don't need. Donate goods you no longer use. Recycle, reuse, and go thrift shopping.

Adopt a pet instead of buying from a pet store. You can help end the suffering of other people, children and animals and make this world a cleaner and better place to live. Share your time, talents and resources. A part of why I continuously support organizations that help animals and children is to help ease the suffering.

We are all connected and separateness is just an illusion. I will always have hope, faith and love. The greatest of these is love. Love is a verb!

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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