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Real Beauty

When you think about beauty, what do you think about? Do you think about how someone looks, what they’re wearing, maybe their makeup or hair? Their weight, eye color, age or some other physical characteristics? We all hear about true beauty coming from inside, but how often do you stop to take notice whether or not someone is really a beautiful person from the inside out?

The Media bombards us with images of false beauty and teaches the value of external beauty and youth which leaves us empty and fades. What makes a person truly beautiful? Is it their smile or how you feel when you’re around them?

What about yourself… do you feel beautiful from the inside out? If not, perhaps examine what you have placed as important in your life.

Who is really beautiful? Do they go out of their way to do unselfish things for other people, volunteer, help others, help animals or donate to good causes? Do they cheer others up, speak encouraging words, or lend a nonjudgmental ear to someone who needs it? How do they live their life? What are their priorities and values?

Real beauty comes from the soul, not out of a bottle or jar. Real beauty isn’t subjective and can’t be bought. True beauty isn’t measured by what you can see, but by who you are.

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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