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Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball that you aren't expecting. When that happens it is best to show yourself self care, self love and compassion. Take time to meditate and pray - ask God for direction. The answers might not come right away. Be patient. Patience is a virtue for a reason.

Sit in your emotions and know that your feelings won't kill you. Let them pass like waves in an ocean. Everything happens for a reason. Let them come, sit and then release them. It's okay to take time to try and make sense of situations. Understand what is underneath your feelings, your triggers, past experiences, fears and motives. Think about where those feelings are coming from... Are they coming from ego, fear or from a place of love? There are times when you have to drop all expectations. Just feel connected to God and the Universe. Remember the Oneness. Allow God to fill your heart. Don't let yourself to be consumed by negativity and let go of anything that does not serve you. Let it all fly away like birds and set your soul free.

Know that you are worthy. Your past mistakes don't define you. You deserve the love you so freely give to other people. It's so important to love yourself. Remember love is an action word. Take steps to show yourself unconditional love and acceptance.

Even when other people and life disappoints you, God is always there and will never leave you. You are never alone. God will never abandon or forsake you. You can lean on your faith. Hope will always remain. Just like a rainbow. God promised. The Universe and God has wonderful things in store for you. Just believe.

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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