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My Destination

Some people want riches, mansions, fancy clothes and expensive cars, diamonds around their necks, admiration for their jobs or positions of power.

I just want serenity, peace, happiness, love and for no one or animals to suffer, go hungry or be homeless.

I would rather have flowers in my hair, walk barefoot on the sand, travel to distant places, to lend a helping hand where I’m needed and spread hope and joy where there is none. I don’t need accolades or treasures on this Earth.

I don’t expect any thanks or reward. I pray that we save this planet from the destruction for our children and future generations. My soul craves more than what this materialistic society promotes as success. I am merely a traveler in this body and lifetime.

My destination is not defined by the end but by the journey along the way. I am worthy and prosperous, yes blessed, by the simple truth that I am the daughter of God, a child of the Universe.

Freedom is not being constrained by the ideals of man, but being a free spirit caring to have a deeper spiritual meaning in my life while privileged to breathe the breath God gave me.

This is me. Not all will understand. Some will love me as I am. Some will never get it. I wish you peace, love and enlightenment as that is worth more than rubies and gold.

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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