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Love Wins!

Just love them. Don't try to fix them, judge them or change them. Accept them. Try to find the good. See them. Respect their right to liberty and to pursue freedom and happiness.

What is the universe trying to teach you? How can this help you grow? Learn to let go of trying to control everyone else in the world. It does not hurt you to allow space for others.

Stop letting religion, politics and others dictate to you what to think, feel or act. Ask yourself what really resonates as love and peace in your soul.

Other people don't have to be exactly like you for them to be lovable, valuable and worthy. Hate is separation from God. Fear is not love.

If everyone were the same this world would be pretty boring. We are all unique and have our own beautiful footprint to leave behind. Yet we all have the same spark and Divine Light within.

Unconditional Love is the Way, the Truth and the Light! Love Wins!

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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