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Live in the Now

As time passes our mortality presses us to live each moment in the now. Having peace, harmony and love becomes a priority. Filtering out the negative and focusing on the good. Becoming Peace. Being Love. These higher vibrations help to transcend all the noise around us.

I find it almost impossible to listen to the news or anything in the media even though I realize I may not be in the know, it is preferable to me than being stressed over the current events and things that feel beyond my control. If I can't change what is outside of me, so be it. However I can control me and choose to be the change I want to see in the world.

If only everyone would come together in harmony and choose to make change, work together for the highest good and bring peace to all. No one should be hungry or homeless. War and division whether global or local can be avoided and overcome if only people would be more selfless. Love your neighbor as yourself. It is the highest attainable good. I ask myself am I a part of the solution or a part of the problem? If only everyone would question their own motives.

Perhaps I'm an Idealist. I hope that I am continually evolving. I know I have changed my mind many times over many issues. If only our leaders would stop vilifying each other. If only people would stop pitting one side against the other. Unity seems so far away. I can only hope and pray our nation can finally come together and all the craziness stop. Stop the hurt, the pain and work together towards solutions.

I belong to no political party. I will not respond to political posts. It feels that I have outgrown it and wish only to bring people together in unity, not participate in anything that further divides us.

No I don't have the answers to all the problems but I will not be a part of the problem.

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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