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As most people are aware, June is Pride month. A time for our LGBTQ+ community to speak up and speak out. For all the straight people who do not understand and say we don't celebrate being straight so why should you wave your rainbow flags, know that we are celebrating our right to be free of persecution, so just be glad you don't need a celebration.

The same thing is happening to the trans community that was happening to the lesbian, gay and bisexual folks previously. That's not to say that queer people do not experience any issues anymore. Society in America has come a long way but there is still a lot of work to do. Now it seems trans people have a target on their back for hate. Just because they are different. Also I believe it is due to religious indoctrination and intolerance.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" does not mean "love your neighbor if they are like yourself". Truly loving other people that are different than you is the challenge. Loving people that are like you is easy. We are called to love EVERYONE. Love is an action, not empty words.

I find it horrifying that the very people that are supposed to be espousing love are behind this campaign of hate. And even more baffling is people within my own community that are also spreading hate towards trans people. We are all human beings with feelings and souls, each valuable. Every person is a child of God. We are all One. People in the LGBTQ+ community shouldn't be ostracized or persecuted for simply existing and being true to their identity.

There are many religions along with atheism and agnosticism. Americans have the right to believe as we wish. This is a free country. We fled Britain in order to have freedom of, or from religion, not to have religious ideology control us or be forced onto us through law. These same people would not like the idea of someone forcing another religion or laws enacted from another religion's agenda onto them and yet they this is the very thing they are insisting on trying to inflict onto other people that do not share their beliefs.

It is really scary what is happening politically in this country right now. This is the very reason why I believe in separation of church and state. These rights and freedoms must be protected.

Empathy, kindness and understanding are not born out of fear, indifference or intolerance. It is born out of love, compassion and building bridges. 

Even if you can't relate, you can chose not to harm. It is only by being the change that the world will experience love, peace and unity.

I pray for peace, love, compassion and equality along with softened hearts and more empathetic mindsets.

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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