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Heart Centered Vacation

Taking time to connect with out of town immediate family in person. It has been since well before the pandemic. I missed their hugs, smiles and presence.

A vacation without going very far.

Sometimes the best time off is not going to an exotic place, it is heart centered. Fortunately most of my family reside in Texas. I visited my youngest sister in Austin. Then went to my dad's at the country lake house. Also visited my aunt and cousin near my hometown.

To spend some down time as well with my precious kitties Minky and Salem is heavenly. They are my family too. If you want to know how to relax, imitate a cat, they are experts in the art of Zen.

I had a few coveted days to myself, much needed "do nothing" time to recharge. Today I stayed in my pajamas all day. Feels wonderful! No scurrying about required. A productive day of indulgent resting.

My only daughter lives in what feels like "across the Universe" in another state on the opposite side of the continent. We are planning her visit for Thanksgiving. It's been almost a year and feels like forever. My heart aches to see her... What I would give for a hug, to see her darling face. Alas, hopefully soon. She is grown with her own life and interests.

I cherish my time with all my family more than anything else. Relationships are where my treasure is stored.

My hearts. My loves. My life. It may not be perfect, and yet, it is somehow.

All my hearts. All the feels. All my love.

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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