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Happy Easter!

Easter always brings up such happy memories from my childhood!

Every year my mom would make my younger sister and I brand new beautiful dresses to wear. She was an excellent seamstress with extraordinary taste. Even as a single mother with a limited income she made time to make us the dresses and ensured we had everything we needed and much of what we wanted, sacrificing as mothers do out of love. We proudly wore the frocks to church, sometimes with gloves, hats and patent shoes. We always felt like little movie stars in her creations! Her gift of sewing was very much appreciated and I knew our clothing was specially made just for us. I didn't know what couture was at that time, but that is how we thought of it as children.

I recall watching the Easter specials on TV like Peter Cottontail. The night before Easter we would boil and dye all the eggs pastel and bright colors in pink, green, blue, yellow, purple and orange. There were plastic eggs with candy and sometimes even money inside them too. The next day they were hidden in creative places all over the house and yard. It was big fun hunting for them!

My beautiful mother would make us wonderful, huge, extra special colorful Easter baskets overflowing with candy, chocolates, little toys and treats. She always trimmed them with bows, paying attention to every detail, and filled the bottoms with bright green plastic grass. There was always a large chocolate bunny in the basket and a cute stuffed animal. I didn't like the marshmallow chicks so would always give those to my sister. We traded out the candy we liked best between each other. The dinning room table was always decorated festively for the holiday. She kept the baskets hidden until the Easter Bunny brought them. We woke up on Sunday morning so excited to see what he brought and ate way too much candy.

Then we at breakfast, dressed up and went to church. My mother taught Sunday school and sang in the choir. So twice a week we were at church for choir practice and for services. The only time we missed is when she was sick and that was rare.

Long after we knew she was the elusive bunny she continued to make us those baskets throughout Junior and High school. My Momma was the best Easter Bunny ever! My sister and I carried out these traditions with our own daughters. Although I wonder if it was as magical for them as my mother made it for us. We definitely tried our best. As adults we still go over to our mother's house every year to celebrate Easter after church, it's a family tradition.

Thank you Momma for making my childhood memories very special, for always going out of your way to always make sure we had fun and felt so loved! We were spoiled sweetly and not just by the candy. I love my Momma!

From my heart to yours, I wish you a very blessed and happy Easter, full of love and happy moments that will become treasured memories!

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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