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Count Your Blessings

Funny how 5 days of not having power, heat, running water and easy access to communication, food, water and gasoline can jar you into immense gratitude for things you take for granted daily.

An unexpected natural disaster caused by freezing temperatures and snow catapulted us into what felt like an

apocalypse. Realizing that this is the reality for some people all the time is sobering.

My neighbors shared bottled water and snacks by leaving them in the hall by the elevators of our flats. Relatives and friends checking on each other when the cell towers let them get through. Sharing info about where to get resources for basic survival.

Seeing the beauty of souls who really love and care for others who are even strangers gives me hope for humanity. Refreshingly the ugly side of greed and selfishness was surpassed by kindness from the majority. Restoring my faith in the human heart. We have been through enough with the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year.

This power grid shutdown felt like pouring salt in an open wound, yet when it comes to people and the human spirit it was different in that regard. There is hope. Peace and love can conquer! No matter who you are, where you are from, what you look like, what you believe... we are all children of God. Separateness is an illusion.

My wish is that people see the Light in the eyes of others, that same Spark in their own Soul and use it to build a better place for all of us. Namaste.

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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