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"Good fences make good neighbors" is an old saying that applies to more than just physical boundaries.

During the holidays it is especially important to remember to enforce your own personal and emotional boundaries. It is okay to say "no", to step away for a moment, to change the subject, or say that a subject is not up for discussion. It is okay decline an invitation, or to stay a short time, or state that you have plans already.

It is okay to say I'm not comfortable hugging or do not touch me. It is okay to say that kind of speech is offensive or disagree with a viewpoint and refuse to argue. It is okay to stand up for yourself. You are not obligated to tell anyone anything personal if you are not comfortable doing so.

Healthy boundaries are important. Anyone who doesn't respect your boundaries doesn't respect you. Stay strong and enforce them guilt-free.

Be careful not to over extend yourself during the busiest season of the year. Make time for self-care. Love, Light and Peace to you!

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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