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Bohemian Style

When your hear "bohemian", what comes to mind? Gypsies, hippies, VW buses, peace signs and daisies perhaps.

According to the free dictionary, a Bohemian is a person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior. It is derived from the French bohémien, from Bohême, Bohemia (from the Romani people). Bohemians are unconventional. They walk to their own beat and do not care about other people's judgements. They care about being true to themselves. The focus is on art, being creative and self-expression. It is ultimately about freedom.

This namesake style has become more popular in clothing and home fashion, especially with females. I was bohemian before it was a fad that goes in and out of being on trend.

There are several different versions of the style. All of them include soft, natural textiles, flowing fabric, comfort and a hippie chic vibe. The differences are in the color palette and mood, primarily.

The first main style is all earth tones, muted and feels like zen, a calmness minus the cold, modern hard edges. Earthy, relaxed, cool yet comfortable. Laid-back and meditative, you want to chill out man.

The second style is gypsy inspired, sensual, bright, colorful and fun with patterns that contrast but compliment each other. It's a joyful, beautiful, playful and sensory experience.

Both styles play on your senses, especially sight, touch, and smell. Can you smell the sage, incense, candles, potpourri, essential oils, herbs, florals, citrus, cloves and spices? Groove to the music and dance your cares away in the living room! You might find a turntable and vinyl records there. There is music, art, photography and likely trays of crystals and piles of books and journals. Smell the freshly brewed coffee... pull up a chair and get comfortable.

Think rattan and bamboo, overstuffed chairs, woods, macrame, dream catchers, wind chimes, chenille or crocheted blankets, lux fabrics, potted plants, mix matched pieces, vintage and new, yet everything goes together perfectly in a visual feast.

Imagine peasant blouses, lots of florals, soft materials like cottons, velvets, long ruffled skirts, comfy or cowboy boots, silver and turquoise jewelry. Scarves and flowing fabric. Cut off jeans, bell bottoms, embroidery, and retro patterns from the 60's and 70's are also favored. Untamed hair and radiating natural beauty.

Both home and clothing fashion glean inspiration from cultural and international influences from places like islands from around the globe, India, Spain, Mexico, France, Romania, Asia and Egypt. It is a well traveled look with stories to tell.

She is a free spirit, an artiste, and not bound by conventional fashion rules. No, she doesn't care about what is currently all the rage. This woman wears and buys what she likes, much is influenced by her own personal taste, a hodge-podge of vintage, flea market finds and new quirky pieces. She buys what she fancies and has a carefree sophistication that somehow works and is uniquely eccentric and appealing.

She is approachable, peaceful and down to Earth. You can't help but feel her infectious love for life! Good vibes.

Love, Peace and Happiness rule her heart...

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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