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Be Fully Present

Our lives are only a tiny spark in the infinite energy that has no beginning and no end. No one ever wakes up and thinks “This is going to be the day that I take my last breath”. Ponder it for a moment. How often do we really think about the present moment instead of regretting or replaying the past? It is gone. Or worrying about the future? It isn’t here yet. This moment is what counts!

Taking a break from social media periodically can be a great reminder of how people need to live in the moment, not constantly consuming advertising, drama or mindless scrolling through meaningless posts. Getting centered around mindfulness, prayer and meditation without distractions for a while is so important to me for my spiritual path. Otherwise you can easily miss the wonders, nuances and synchronicity each day brings.

Enjoy life. Today is your life. This second is IT! The true meaning of “Stop and smell the roses” is being FULLY present, being grateful, appreciative and STILL. So breathe in a deep breath, slow down and notice the smells, textures, tastes, sights and sounds that encompass each moment. Just BE.

Really listen to understand, instead of just waiting to respond or interrupt and talk over someone. It’s okay to respectfully disagree with people and not let it destroy your inner peace. Walk away from anyone causing drama in your life. Toxic people don’t bring peace, they only wreak havoc. You’re not obligated to participate in negativity. Do whatever you need to get your serenity back. It’s okay to take care of yourself. There is no reason to live in fear or misery. Love yourself enough not to tolerate someone violating your boundaries. You have just so much unknown time in this existence. Take steps to ensure you’re living life according to your values and find your JOY!

Never feel guilty for taking some alone time for self-care, healing, peace, and serenity. You deserve it.

You’re the only one that can control the quality of your thoughts, your energy and attitude. Focus on the positive, have good intentions, noble aspirations and a good heart. If you do this with faith in God, the Universe will rearrange itself and unfold with unlimited abundance in your favor every single time. It might not always seem like it at the time so trust the timing of your life.

Namaste. Peace and Love.

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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