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Welcome! Happy You're Here.

Hello friends and family! Whether you are a new friend or we have known each other a long time, I created this blog to write and post about things that matter to me. I love to write and intend to use this page to connect and share with you. As I get older I realize how much more valuable time with family and friends is and the limited time we have together. Enjoy every moment, it is a gift, the precious present!

For new friends here is a little about me. My Name is Rev. S. Castle (also known as the Bohemian Queen). I'm a free spirited bohemian that loves to create poetry, art, and photography. I love being outside in nature, walking, yoga, hugging trees, and connecting with the blessed mother Gaia Earth.

My daughter is grown and I'm incredibly blessed with a loving family, a great career and two extremely sweet cats that have my heart.

Currently I'm enrolled in University of Metaphysics studying for a seminary master's degree in Metaphysical Science, a New Thought philosophy and theology founded through the International Metaphysical Ministry. I graduated in 2022 with my BA in Metaphysical Science and am an ordained minister in my faith. A central focus of my spirituality includes prayer and meditation.

I started a ministry to help others and to write self-help books called Metaphysical Mystical Ministry. Helping others brings me joy and I love to bring some sunshine into people's lives.

Welcome to my blog, stay safe and God Bless you!

Love Peace and Happiness

xo Love Bohemian Queen

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